Maison & Objet

September 2011

FARM collaborated with Hans Tan Studio and Kwodrent and
presented a new collection of works at the September Maison & Objet September 2011.

Held twice a year in Paris, the major trade show from the field of homeware and design
presents an excellent opportunity for designers worldwide to showcase their products and expertise.
This is the first time FARM has participated in the show.

As a strategic and collaborative effort to promote Singapore design to an international audience, the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC) presented 6 local design and furniture companies through the platform of the Singapore Pavilion. FARM, Hans Tan Studio and kwodrent were part of this Singapore Pavilion.


Presented by kwodrent for FARM, making something is a collection of objects and tableware
centered around the idea of make / play / use.

Inspired by the kwodrent series where each piece of work is a formal study and exploration of geometry, construction, and material, making something transposes the design- and-make process from the designer to the end user.

By doing so, it fosters a new dialogue between the object and its user/ maker. making something is an attempt to bring out the poetics and sensuality in the transient nature of composition and form- making. For this installation, kwodrent is showcasing two ranges of compositions in laser-cut stainless steel.

Poppy Collection

Meander Collection

For this installation, kwodrent is showcasing two ranges of compositions in stainless steel with laser-cut lines.
The series of cuts deconstructs the sheet metal to produce an organic and highly malleable property that is akin to textile while retaining its rigidity and strength.


Petrified Victoria

This is a family of petrified victorian silverware cast in solid surfaces. Seemingly preserved as fossils, they reflect the latent capacity of archetypical forms in leaving perpetual impressions on our mental faculties, where these cognitive imprints sets our frame of references in describing the things around us.

Patterned Patterns

Nyonya Porcelain vessels (traditional domestic wares native to Chinese Peranakans in South East Asia) are subjected to a surface treatment which overlays the original multicolored pattern with a new dotted pattern.

The technique is an industrial re-interpretation of the traditional resist dyeing technique used to dye fabric patterns - a masked pattern is sandblasted so that areas protected by the mask are preserved, while the original glaze from unprotected areas are erased to expose the white porcelain beneath.

The Spotted Nyonya Collection

Overall, the trade show and exhibition platform was a successful effort and opportunity for FARM to present itself and its collection of works to the international design community.


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